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1.  Confucius Temple and Qinhuai River Scenic Area (AAAAA Scenic Areas)


As the “Mother River” of Nanjing, Qinhuai River is the cradle giving birth to ancient culture of Jinling (Nanjing). The Confucius Temple area, which is the most lively place at inner Qinhuai River, is the First AAAAA scenic area opened to the public for free. The Confucius Temple area has been historically known as the cream of Qinhuai River scenic area,which is commonly known as “Five-kilometer Qinhuai”. It is an area integrating natural sceneries, gardens, temples, schools, streets, civil residences with local customs and habits. With Confucius Temple ancient architectural ensemble as the center and the Five-kilometer Qinhuai Riveras the axis, it stretches from Dongshuiguan Park in the east to Xishuiguan Park in the west (Shuixi City-Gate).


Ticket (票价)Free

Time (营业时间)24h

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Traffic (交通) Metro Line 1/Sanshanjie Station, BusY2,1,4,15,40,44,49,304/Fuzimiao Stop,

BusY4,2,14,16,23,26,33,43,46/Changlelu Stop

Address (地址)Along the Qinhuai River in Qinhuai Distric


2.  Ming Xiaoling Mausoleum (AAAAA Scenic Areas)


Mingxiaoling Mausoleum is the tomb of the first Emperor of Ming Dynasty, Zhu Yuanzhang1328-1398and his queen. Although today only parts of the tomb remain, namely, leading area, Dajinmen and stele tower area, sacred way and burial area, the tomb is still magnificent. And the tomb is listed in the World Cultural Heritage Record. The south of the burial area is Meihua Hill, where the tomb of Sun Ouan(孙权) locates.

The tomb lies on Dulongbu Hill below the western peak (Wanzhu Peak) of the purple Mountain. The tomb was built in 1391--1393. Its site and structure were chosen by Zhu Yuanzhang himself. The tomb is characteristic of the wonderful arrangement of the winding tomb passage in combination with the topography. The tomb passage starts from the Dismounting-from-Horse Archway in Weigang where there are two stone tablets (moved to the side of the highway). Hundreds of steps to the northwest is the Big Golden Gate, where the imperial wall of the tomb area starts and extends as long as 22.5 kilometers, reaching the city wall on the west and Linggu Temple on the east. T


Ticket (票价)70 CNY

Time (营业时间)8:30-17:00

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Traffic (交通)Metro Line 2/ Muxuyuan Station, Bus203路(原游3线),20,315/ Mingxiaoling


Address (地址)Zhongshan Scenic Area,Xuanwu District


3.  Presidential Palace

Gate Tower of Presidential Palace
It is the landmark of the Presidential Palace. It was the former outer gate of Liang Jiang Viceroy in the Qing Dynasty. The gate of the palace was called “Genius Gate” during the period of Taiping Heavenly Kingdom. Designed by Yaobin
, the present Western style reinforced concrete gate tower was built by the Nationalist Government in December, 1929. Three Chinese characters of “The Presidential Palace” engraved right in the middle of wall were personally inscribed by Zhou Zhongyue, the former Vice President of Examination Ministry of the Republic of China. A pair of stone lions in front of the gate are the remains of Liang Jiang Viceroy in the Qing Dynasty.  

Ticket (票价)40 CNY

Time (营业时间)8:00-17:00

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Traffic (交通) Metro Line 2/ Daxinggong Station, BusY1, Y2,29,44,65,95/ Zongtongfu Stop

Address (地址)No.292 Changjiang Rd,Xuanwu District

4.  Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge 


Located in northwest side of Yangtze River in Nanjing, the Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge is the first double-decked road-rail truss designed and built with Chinese technology in China, crossing the Yangtze River between Pukou and Xiaguan in Nanjing. It was completed and opened for traffic in 1968. It was the third bridge over the Yangtze after the Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge and the Chongqing Baishatuo Yangtze River Bridge. In 60s, the Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge was listed into Guinness Book of World Records with the honor of "The Longest Road-rail Truss".

The upper deck, a part of China National Highway 104, 4589 meter long and 15 meter wide, on which 4 large cars could pass through simultaneously, on each side of which stands the 2-meter-plus-wide sidewalks with 150 pair of magnolia-flower-shaped streetlights decorated. The lower deck is 6772-meter long and 14-meter wide, on which double-track railway is built and two rains could pass through simultaneously. The lower deck of the bridge completes the Beijing-Shanghai Railway, which had been divided by the Yangtze for many years. The right bridge on the river is 1577-meter long and 160-meter wide, on each side of which stands railings embedded with 200 iron embossments. The bridge boasts the traffic of approximately 80,000 vehicles and 200 trains per day.


The bridge is just like a rainbow crawling on Yangtze River, which is quite overwhelming and impressive, especially at night. At night, the 1048 lights on railings and 540 metal halide lamps on piers illuminate the river as bright as daytime. With 150 pair of magnolia-flower-shaped streetlights on road-bridge and 228 sodium lamps on huge sculptures, the bridge is just like a string of luminous pearl embedded on Yangtze River. 


Ticket (票价)Free

Time (营业时间)24h

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Traffic (交通)Bus D2,D3,66,131,132,151,156,168,172,174,183/Siping Lu Stop

Address (地址)Over the Yangtze River in the northwest of Nanjing City


5.   Nanjing Olympic Sport Center

There are two major sports centers in Nanjing, Wutaishan Sports Center and Nanjing Olympic Sports Center. Both of these two are comprehensive sports centers, including stadium, gymnasium, natatorium, tennis court, etc. Wutaishan Sports Center was established in 1952 and it was one of the oldest and most advanced stadiums in early time of People's Republic of China. Nanjing hosted the 10th National Games of P.R.C. in 2005 and will host the 2nd summer Youth Olympic Games in 2014.


In 2005, in order to host The 10th National Game of People's Republic of China, there was a new stadium, Nanjing Olympic Sports Center, constructed in Nanjing. Compared to Wutaishan Sports Center, which the major stadium's capacity is 18,600, Nanjing Olympic Sports Center has a more advanced stadium which is big enough to seat 60,000 spectators. Its gymnasium has capacity of 13,000, and natatorium of capacity 3,000.


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Traffic (交通)Metro Line 1 /Olympic Stadium StationMetro Line 2 /Olympic Stadium East Station

Address (地址)No.222,Jiangdong Rd(Middle), Jianye District

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