ProvSec 2016 Conference Schedule

November 9

November 10

November 11












Registration    8:30-22:00

Lobby of Main   Building, Nanjing Shuangmenlou Hotel


















Registration    8:30-22:00 Lobby of Main   Building, Nanjing Shuangmenlou Hotel


Opening   Session


Yijiangnan   Hall,Yuejing Building


Keynote   2


Yijiangnan   Hall,Yuejing Building


Keynote   1


(Yijiangnan   Hall,Yuejing Building)


Coffee Break


Coffee Break


Session   4: Data in the Cloud (5 papers)


Yijiangnan   Hall,Yuejing Building


Session   1: Attribute/role-based Cryptography

(4   papers)


Yijiangnan   Hall,Yuejing   Building


Lunch Buffet


Lunch Buffet


Session 5: Key Management (3 papers)


Mantingfang   Hall, Yuejing   Building


Session 2: Homomorphic Encryption  (3 papers)


Mantingfang   Hall, Yuejing   Building


Coffee Break



Coffee Break


Session 6: Leakage Analysis (3 papers)


Mantingfang   Hall, Yuejing   Building


Session   3: Encryption (5 papers)


Mantingfang   Hall, Yuejing   Building


Closing Remarks


Mantingfang   Hall, Yuejing   Building


Conference Banquet


Haitang   Hall, Main Building


Dinner Buffet


ProvSec 2016 Technical Program

Keynote Speaker I

November 10 (day 1): 9:30 - 10:30

Session Chair: Liqun Chen

Yijiangnan Hall,Yuejing Building


A Classification of   Non-interactive Assumptions in Cyclic Groups

Prof. Jens Groth University College London UK

Session 1: Attribute/role-based Cryptography

November 10 (day 1): 10:50 - 12:30

Session Chair: Joseph Liu

Yijiangnan Hall,Yuejing Building


Accountable   Ciphertext-Policy Attribute-Based Encryption Scheme Supporting Public   Verifiability and Nonrepudiation

Gang Yu, Zhenfu Cao, Guang Zeng and Wenbao Han

An   Efficient and Expressive Ciphertext-Policy Attribute-Based Encryption Scheme   with Partially Hidden Access Structures

Hui Cui, Robert H. Deng, Guowei   Wu and Junzuo Lai

Ciphertext-Policy Attribute Based Encryption   Supporting Access Policy Update

Yinhao Jiang, Willy Susilo, Yi   Mu and Fuchun Guo

Universally Composable Cryptographic   Role-Based Access Control

Bin Liu and Bogdan Warinschi

                                                                                        Session 2: Homomorphic   Encryption

                                                                                    November 10 (day 1): 14:00 - 15:15

                                                                                        Session Chair: Willy Susilo

                                                                                        Mantingfang Hall, Yuejing   Building


A Homomorphic Proxy Re-encryption From   Lattices

Chunguang Ma, Juyan Li and Weiping Ouyang

Preventing   Adaptive Key Recovery Attacks on the GSW Levelled Homomorphic Encryption   Scheme (Short paper)

Zengpeng Li, Steven D. Galbraith and   Chunguang Ma

A   Secure Reverse Multi-Attribute First-Price E-Auction Mechanism Using Multiple   Auctioneer Servers (Work in Progress)

 Jun   Gao, Jiaqi Wang, Ning Lu, Fang Zhu and Wenbo Shi

                                                                                        Session 3: Encryption

                                                                                    November 10 (day 1): 15:35 - 17:40

                                                                                    Session Chair: Xiaofeng Chen

                                                                                        Mantingfang Hall, Yuejing Building


Oblivious Keyword Search with Authorization

Peng Jiang, Xiaofen Wang, Jianchang Lai,   Fuchun Guo and Rongmao Chen

Efficient Asymmetric Index Encapsulation   Scheme for Named Data

Rong Ma and Zhenfu Cao

Integrity Analysis of Authenticated   Encryption Based on Stream Ciphers

Kazuya Imamura, Kazuhiko Minematsu and   Tetsu Iwata

Secure and Efficient Construction of   Broadcast Encryption with Dealership

Kamalesh Acharya and Ratna Dutta

Towards Certificate-Based Group Encryption (Short  paper)

Yili Ren, Xiling Luo, Qianhong Wu, Joseph   Liu and Zhang Peng

                                                                                        Keynote Speaker II

                                                                                        November 11 (day 2): 9:00 -   10:00

                                                                                        Session Chair: Jinguang Han

                                                                                        Yijiangnan Hall,Yuejing Building


Modelling the Security of   Key Exchange

Prof. Colin Boyd Norwegian University of Science and TechnologyNorway

                                                                                        Session 4: Data in the Cloud

                                                                                        November 11 (day 2): 10:20 -   12:25

                                                                                        Session Chair: Xinyi Huang

                                                                                        Yijiangnan Hall,Yuejing Building


ID-based Data Integrity Auditing Scheme from   RSA with Resisting Key Exposure

Jianhong Zhang, Pengyan Li,   Zhibin Sun and Jian Mao

Efficient Dynamic Provable Data Possession   from Dynamic Binary Tree (Short Paper)

Changfeng Li and Huaqun Wang

Identity-Based Batch Provable Data Possession

Fucai Zhou, Su Peng, Jian Xu and Zifeng Xu

Secure Naїve Bayesian Classification over   Encrypted Data in Cloud

Xingxin Li, Youwen Zhu and Jian Wang

Integrity Preserving Multi-keyword Searchable   Encryption for Cloud Computing

 Fucai Zhou, Yuxi Li, Alex X Liu, Muqing Lin  and Zifeng Xu

                                                                                        Session 5: Key Management

                                                                                        November 11 (day 2): 14:00 - 15:15

                                                                                        Session Chair: Sherman Chow

                                                                                        Mantingfang Hall, Yuejing   Building


Multi-Cast Key Distribution: Scalable,   Dynamic and Provably Secure Construction

Kazuki Yoneyama, Reo Yoshida, Yuto Kawahara, Tetsutaro Kobayashi, Hitoshi Fuji and Tomohide Yamamoto

One-round Attribute-based Key Exchange in the   Multi-Party Setting

Yangguang Tian, Guomin Yang, Yi Mu, Kaitai Liang and Yong Yu

Strongly   Secure Two-Party Certificateless Key Agreement Protocol with Short Message (Short Paper)

Yong Xie, Libing Wu, Yubo Zhang and Zhiyan Xu

                                                                                        Session 6: Leakage Analysis

                                                                                    November 11 (day 2): 15:35 - 16:50

                                                                                        Session Chair: Qianhong Wu

                                                                                        Mantingfang Hall, Yuejing   Building


A Black-Box Construction of Strongly Unforgeable Signature Schemes in the Bounded Leakage Model  

Jianye Huang, Qiong Huang and Chunhua Pan

Towards Proofs of Ownership Beyond Bounded  Leakage

Yongjun Zhao and Sherman S. M. Chow

Updatable Lossy Trapdoor Functions and Its Application in Continuous Leakage (Short paper)

Sujuan Li, Yi Mu, Mingwu Zhang  and Futai Zhang


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